We’re DesignAStay,

Design A Stay regards architecture and design as social phenomena and not simply just as a creation of art. In other words, we socialise our designs and communicate our ideas through design.

Design A Stay was founded in 2017 and is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We started off as specialists in designing amazing short terms rental units, making interior spaces inspirational and beautiful. We know very well the potential of inspiring spaces and what they can do to encourage and enhance the experiences and lives that they touch.

We believe that by design, we can share the wonders of life with our customers. We observe every minute detail and regard our exquisite designs as a response to the observations. Respecting design is not just an attitude we carry, it’s wired into our work. We insist on creating natural and perceptual atmosphere by integrating light, shape and colour.


Our vision is to provide quality design in everyday life for all of our patrons.


We aim to turn spaces into inspirational and beautiful places which then encourages and enhances the experiences and lives that they touch.