What to do after collecting keys for your new home?

After collecting your keys to your new home, what should you do? Here’s the ultimate guide.

Congratulations and welcome to your new house! After a long wait, your new house is finally ready. This is a memorable and momentous occasion, having watched the house being built over time from scratch. The developer is set to deliver the keys to you today. But do you know what to do next?

Here’s a quick and simple guide to help you decide what you can do next!

What to do after collecting keys for your new home?

By now, you can see that, even after Delivery of Vacant Possession and collecting the keys, you will still need to make a lot of decision. And, you will need help to get it done. If you’re not sure what to do with your empty unit, we are always glad to help.

Bear in mind that we are not only an interior design house but also a partner of HostAStay – a company that connects your property with a host to get your unit rented out as soon as it is ready. If you would like to maximise the potential of your property – increase rental income, improve rentability, reduce vacancy, get in touch with us.


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