Build to Rent

We specialise in Malaysia Build to Rent market providing interior design and consultancy services. We have a deep understanding of the sector and know how to balance the commercial aspirations of our clients with the creative solutions for their projects.

We combine and utilise our experience in hospitality to deliver tangible and commercially viable, creative solutions to all the projects we work on. We bring together the latest design, technology and lifestyle trends to our design projects – and make sure it’s operationally sustainable. 

Our interior design always looks to bring personality, character and life to each project – creating unique spaces which are designed for better living. We cover the entire lifecycle of the BTR project, and are happy to get involved on new-built projects at it's infancy as well as up-and-running properties requiring a refresh.

Our consultancy services provide commercial, financial and marketing insights and intelligence to property owners, developers and BTR Operators to assist in decision making. From providing feasibility studies, market analysis or funding services we are able to bring any project to fruition with our network and experience in the sector.

Our Mission

It was with a strategic intention to focus on Build to Rent and hospitality we created our agency to provide design and consultancy services to address the burgeoning market in Malaysia.

Our team bring a unique mix of experience and expertise on both the commercial and creative aspects of developing and realising any project in BTR or hospitality.

Our Team

Lance Lim
Chief Creative Director

Ken Tay
Chief Business Director

Dacmond Tan
jayden songxue.png
Song Xue
Sales Personnel

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